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The necessary equipment

The necessary equipment to the badminton is composed of a ground and its equipment as well as racket and of shuttle. The lines which follow give the various constraints of weight, of distance... related to the rules governing the badminton.

The ground


First of all the ground. It must be in interior and the room must have a height of ceiling of at least 6,50m.

The lines are yellow or white, but in a gymnasium, they are black to avoid confusing them with the other layouts.

Each line has a width of 40mm and belongs to the zone which it delimits.

The diagram opposite revealed the various lines and the distances to be respected.

The ground's equipment


The ground is divided into two by a net held by two posts. The latter have a height of 1,55m since the ground and must be enough rigid to maintain the center net with a height of 1,524m. From where the presence of against weight of a minimum of 20kg.

The net as for him, made 0,76m height for a length of 6,10m. Its mesh must be relatively fine (including between 15 mm and 20 mm) in order to prevent the shuttle from crossing it. Moreover, it must be made with dark cord of color and regular thickness.

The opposite figure makes it possible to realize of the size of this mesh.

The shuttlecock

Much more than dimensions of the ground and the net, the properties of the shuttle distinguish the badminton from the whole of the other racket's sports. It is made using natural materials "feather shuttle" or in synthetic materials "plastic shuttle". The feather shuttle must have 16 feathers a height ranging between 62 and 70mm and a stopper whose base has a diameter measuring between 25 and 28mm. Its use is obligatory starting from the series E in competition.

The synthetic shuttle, otherwise named plastic shuttle, has characteristics identical to the feather shuttle with regard to dimensions of the stopper ad the height of the skirt. On the other hand, the feathers are replaced by a synthetic material which makes it more solid.

In competition, only the not-classified players can use it. It is appropriate perfectly within the school framework as well in UNSS as in the course of EPS.

plume.gif plastique.gif
Feather shuttle Plastic shuttle

The racket


The rackets of badminton have standardized measurements :
The framework has a maximum length of 680mm for a width of 230mm ; the part twisted does not exceed 280mm length for 220mm of width. The greatest variations come from the materials which make it up.

At the time of the choice of a racket, the player will take into account some criteria such as the weight or the flexibility of the racket.