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I have now practised the badminton for more than 10 years and I held, in the few pages which follow, to make share my passion for this sport, which contrary to the opinion of many people is not a beach sport! It is a sport which requires technical and endurance..


I chose to take again some words of the President of the federation of Badminton going back to July 2002 and appearing in the foreword of the book of Doriane Gomet entitled "Badminton"... quite simply..

The badminton knows, in France like elsewhere, a passion which is not lunatic. Thus in a little more than twenty years of existence of the French Federation of Badminton (F.F.B.A), one counts nearly 100 000 players. In the school world, the figures are much more eloquent.

If it could be said, here and there, that it even acted of a momentary phenomenon of mode, its constancy authorizes us to affirm, without much risk to be mistaken, that the badminton is far from to have reached the limits of its development.

The public, mainly young, which it touches to date contributes to install with acuity the bases of a badminton culture of which extension and the ramification, with time, will be able only to consolidate its positioning in the French sporting landscape and of which the effects, in the short run, will dilute the deficit of image which is still it his currently.

This passion finds also its source in the rationalization of the equipment which it uses and in the modesty of the cost in material necessary to its practice.

More significant is its immediate appropriation by the player. Very quickly the beginner will manage to control the first rudiments of the technique and will discover the ludic and gratifying aspect of badminton.

But very quickly as it will realize as in addition to the physical requirements that it requires its progression will pass by the acquisition of essential bases technico-tactics and by a regular and powerful drive.

P.A. Tramier
President of the French federation of Badminton
July 2002

To summarize the remarks of the President, the badminton is a sport which enormously attracts world (mainly young people), which is practised easily, but which, if one wants to progress must obligatorily pass by a phase of drive within adapted structures.
The advantage of this structures, I speak for my personal case, is which are managed by men and women who make so that reign a family spirit within the clubs.