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Gestures of the referee

In the fire of the action, it is sometimes difficult for a referee to render comprehensible himself. This is why they have at their disposal, to render comprehensible their decisions with the players, the table of mark and the spectators, a gestural code.

Here the most important :

accrocher.gif Cross checking :
A forward motion with both fists clenched, extending from the chest.
charge_derriere.gif Checking from behind :
Extension of the two tended arms, with height of the shoulders palm of the hands ahead.
retenir.gif Holding :
Clasping the wrist of the whistle hand well in front of the chest.
Holding the stick:
Complete the preceding gesture by a movement of the two fists closed on the handle of a stick.
coude.gif Elbowing :
Tapping the elbow with the opposite hand.
charge_incorrecte.gif Charging :
Rotating clenched fists around one another in front of chest.
charge_bande.gif Boarding :
Striking the closed fist of the hand once into the open palm of the other hand.
obstruction.gif Interference :
Crossed arms stationary in front of chest with fists closed.
regle_avantage.gif Delayed calling of penalty :
The nonwhistle hand is extended straight above the head.
durete.gif Fighting (Roughing) :
One punching motion to the side with the arm extending from the shoulder.
piquer.gif Spearing :
A single jabbing motion with both hands together, thrust forward from in front of the chest, then dropping hands to the side.
meconduite.gif Misconduct :
Placing of both hands on hips one time.
manche_crosse.gif Butt-ending :
Moving the forearm, fist closed, under the forearm of the other hand held palm down.
cinglage.gif Slashing :
One chop of the hand across the straightened forearm of the other hand.
crosse_haute.gif High-sticking :
Holding both fists, clenched, one immediately above the other, at the side of the head.
temps_mort.gif Timeout :
Using both hands to form a "T".
faire_trebucher.gif Tripping :
Strike the side of the knee and follow through once, keeping the head up and both skates on the ice.
coup_genou.gif Kneeing :
A single tap of the right knee with the right hand, keeping both skates on the ice.
passe_main.gif Hand pass :
The nonwhistle hand (open hand) and arm are placed straight down alongside the body and swung forward and up once in an underhand motion.
penalite_match.gif Match penalty :
Pat flat of hand on the top of the head.
refus.gif "Washout" :
Both arms swung laterally across the body at shoulder level with palms down.
a) When used by the Referee, it means no goal or violation so play shall continue.
b) When used by Linesmen, it means there is no icing, off-side, hand pass or high sticking violation.
tir_penalite.gif Penalty shot :
Arms crossed (fists clenched) above head.
but.gif Goal scored :
A single point, with the nonwhistle hand, directly at the goal in wich the puck legally entered, while simoultaneously blowing the whistle.
charge_crosse.gif Cross-checking :
A forward motion with both fists clenched, extending from the chest.
degagement_interdit.gif Icing :
When the puck is shot or deflected in such a manner as to produce a possible icing situation, the back linesman will signal to his partner by raising his nonwhistle hand over his head (same as Slow Whistle). The instant that the conditions required to establish «icing the puck» have occurred, the front linesman will blow his whistle to stop play and raise his nonwhistle hand (same as in Slow Whistle). The back linesman will give the icing signal by folding his arms across the chest.