Korea today

Imposing itself like a model for the countries in the process of development, Korea achieved a spectacular economic growth. Today, it prepares to take up the challenges of the 21th century. Strong of its economic exploits, it aims beyond the performances which will enable him to ensure its economic prosperity. While taking an active part in the missions of peace and humanitarians under the crook of the United Nations, by helping the integrant and developing countries, international organizations such as OECD and WTO, Korea endeavours to give in its turn the assistance which was so invaluable for him a time. If the Korean society is the theatre of vast and fast changes, Korea can preserve their traditional values. The principles of the Confucianism and the love of peace are the moral contribution that the Koreans can bring to the advent of a world culture.

The reputation of Korea as a pleasant tourist destination was confirmed since this one accomodates major events.

The International exhibition of Daejon in 1993 allowed in Korea the development of a policy of international exchanges in the fields of science and technology. 1994 was declared "Year of tourism" in Korea, commemorating the 600th birthday of Seoul as the capital of the country. This event also could show in the world new dimensions of the hospitality and the kindness of the Koreans.

In 1988, the Olympic Games of Seoul developed the passion of the Koreans for the sport like their pride towards their athletes. They also were at the origin of a new interest for the organization of international sporting events. Thus the year 2002 was the occasion to organize the Asian Games, the greatest sporting meeting in Asia, in Busan, like another sporting event of scale, the World cup of Soccer. Organized jointly by Korea and Japan, the World cup 2002 was the first to be proceeded in Asia.

Equipped with very beautiful natural sites and a culture to the single character, which differentiate it from the other countries of Asia, Korea is always ready to welcome the visitors of the whole world and will prove it once more time in 2001 declared again "Year of Tourism" in Korea.

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